I’ve never had a problem admitting my faults. I embrace them so I can grow from them. I want to be the best me I can be.

I don’t know too many people who know HOW to forgive. It’s not an easy task when you’ve felt betrayed but it is possible.

My camp weave - A-hope project this year. Hope is all that some people have left so I made this as a reminder not to give it up when I’m feeling a particular way. And to always make sure that I remind people to keep theirs.

Lords knows I am trying to overcome these storms but I’m having a hard time understanding and a hard time being patient when normally patience comes to me so easily. God please humble me and calm my spirit. Guide me! I can’t do this alone.

#sunset through a fisheye lens. (at Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center)


#nofilter #justme #july #michigan #2doorsdown #love #withinreach #reachout

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