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I got a cat. He’s a gray tiger and his name is buddy. I didn’t chose the name. Julyans excited about him.

I’ve been blessed for now 7 years to have this young king in my life. I swear he’s raising me most days. This picture shows how much he’s growing. When i took it i said to myself “looking way too grown” haha. He’s well behaved, well mannered, smart, good looking (that’s from me), positive, funny…. I could go on forever about my son, awe heck a couple more, he’s talented, outgoing, did I say good looking which is from me. Lol. Anywho Happy Birthday son. I love you!

She lover her daddy but I think she loves his phone more.. Lol serenity and john.

"Freaking delete it" my response… "Freaking no" lol. Jaylee always frowning.

Morgan is all smiles all the time.

Video #1 after work #feelingsometypeofway

If I shoot you, it won’t hurt!

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